Re: Neutral Safety Switch

Posted by HH56 On 2022/11/11 16:14:25

humanpotatohybrid wrote:
Same problem on my 400, it will turn over only in Park, not Neutral.

I just ignore the problem, to be honest.

The Stude manual has a decent description and Packard & Stude were trying to combine some components to cut down on inventory. The short or half length steering column used in 56 Packards is an example that might have been one of the successes. It is very similar if not identical to what is shown in the 56 Stude service manual.

No idea if Stude managed to use the same switch and mechanical engagement as in the 55-6 Packard but the Packard version has a limited adjustment and is somewhat sensitive to linkage wear. Since the switch also controls the reverse lights that switch portion is activated at the opposite end of the lever movement so the adjustment with P & N spot is a compromise and critical. It could be the adjustment is right at the edge or it could be the linkage is worn and with detents actually being in the trans, there is enough slop in the linkage that when it detents at neutral the switch is past the active contact area.

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