Re: Packard Serial Numbers for 1958

Posted by HH56 on 2021/10/7 19:54:08
Believe there should be another plate somewhere containing more information. The 58 is a rebadged Studebaker and follows their numbering scheme. According to the 58 supplement to the Studebaker service manual Packard models had 4 designations.

58L-Y8 is the 4 door sedan
58L-P8 is the 4 door station wagon
58L-J8 is the 2 door hard top
58L-K9 is the sport hard top which is the Hawk

Starting serial number is 58L-6101 for the Packard and 58LS-1001 for the Hawk.

Engine numbers for the Packard start L-101 and for the Hawk, LS-5201

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