car won't start

Posted by spfan On 2022/6/15 11:31:07
Hi everyone, I am hoping that someone can shed some light on my cars issue and also save my sanity.
I am the proud owner of an original 1957Packard Clipper Towne sedan, I have owned it for eight predominantly trouble free years of ownership. Well, last week I was out for a drive in "Bess" (my pet name for my finned chromey beauty) and pulled into a restaurant to take a break. When I came out she would not start. She had power (the battery is a year old and fully charged) the lights work. When I turned the key there was a buzzing coming from the firewall. After getting it towed home I checked every connection that I could think of and could find nothing loose.
Admittingly I am not a mechanical genius and would really appreciate some help.
thanks in advance

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