Re: car won't start

Posted by HH56 On 2022/6/15 11:41:31
The buzzing is curious and when that occurs is it the only thing that happens or does the engine still crank. If it cranks but does not start do you hear the buzzing over the starter? If it does not crank the buzzing could be due to a low voltage condition for various reasons.

it is possible, even though fairly new, the battery has failed but a more likely problem could be the battery terminal connections have oxidized and a high resistance has developed at one of the terminals or connections. Frequently with either condition there is enough current passing to work lights and small draw accessories but not enough current is available thru the extra resistance to operate the solenoid and starter.

At the least I would clean the battery terminals and try again. If still no luck, place a voltmeter across the battery posts. At standing the voltage should be very close to 12.6v. Have someone try to start the car and watch the voltage meter. If it drops significantly below 12.6v -- say to below 9 or 10v -- then there is a good chance one of the cells in the battery has failed.

If the voltage stays good then we need to find where or what is buzzing.

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