Re: 1957 Packard 4 door

Posted by 58L8134 On 2009/8/16 8:16:40
Hi Bryan

Thanks, Series Nos. start at 57L-1001 run to 57L-5809, making you car 946th car built. The body number will reflect whatever number Clipper body was next in line.

The build order for those is available from the Studebaker National Museum for $40.00, check their website. It's worth having it, gives all the pertinent build information pertaining to your car, such as build date, optional equipment installed, even original delivery location on some if the car was ordered.

So, good luck with that Clipper, hope you are able to find a good running 289 engine and Flightomatic to install. It will be a nice driving car with that, be it a two or four barrel. As far as the supercharger, they're expensive to acquire, rebuild and fussy to maintain. Unless you only intend to show the car and are after trophys, forget about the supercharger, just restore it to drive and enjoy.

Let us know periodically how the restoration progresses.


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