Re: 57 packard wagon

Posted by Predictor On 2009/9/14 17:03:48
How wrong was that sign? Let me count the ways:<br /> <ul><li>Packard "bought" Studebaker, not a merger and not the other way around</li><li>Packard "bought" Studebaker in 1954 not 1956</li><li>Curtis Wright entered the picture in 1956 and had nothing to do with the unholy alliance between Packard and Studebaker</li><li>The last "Packard" was built about the same moment I was hatched, July 1958 which by my reckoning is later than "mid 1958"</li></ul> The reason I put "bought" in quotes is because there is some question as to the accuracy of that term due to the convoluted nature of the transaction.<br /> <br /> Comments, corrections, additions etc most welcome and encouraged.<br /><br />And where is the supercharger???????????????????????????????????????????? I thought they were standard for 1957.

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