A little disappointed

Posted by Mike T on 2008/5/30 22:15:10
As a newcomer to the Packard realm, I've been looking at all kinds of online forums to learn all I can about Packard automobiles. So when I found this site, it seemed like the perfect place to learn, welcoming information from purists to hot rodders alike. (And I think BigKev does a great job running the site.) So I signed on, and have been learning tons of great stuff ever since.

So when I see a potentially great topic (How to modify your Packard...) get locked out because of rude and adolenscent comments, I'm a little disappointed.

If you want your Packard built to factory specs, If you want a Jag suspension, If you want a modern V8, If you want to hod rod you straight 8 - GREAT! Let's all learn from each other! This whole "my way/car is better than yours" doesn't fit the spirit of this forum, or this site.

Let's try to remember why we are all here... to share our information an admiration for Packard motorcars of all types.

Whew! Glad to get that off my chest, now I can get some sleep.

Mike T.

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