Re: A little disappointed

Posted by packprince on 2008/5/31 10:34:12
Sorry it got a little out of hand. I did come to this web site wanting to share Packard things with you a while back and caught guff right from the get go. The only thing I can Figure is because I have had a couple of customers with money and paid me to make their cars nice, where you do the work yourself with maybe limited budgets. I looked through recent sent in pic's of year 54 and can say I know that car, I pulled the hunk of crap Chrysler tranny from it and installed a original Ultra-matic. I could add more pic's of other Packard from different owners but I beleive I'm done with this site. I don't fit and that is cool. To the guy who suggested I take my Fords to Woody's site,, I can say I did and they got mad at me there because I told them how to build a low budget 390 for drag racing that would whoop ass. I even sent then a vidieo of the Fairlane racing and they still said I was full of crap. Piss On them. Turbo dude don't be such a baby, your flathead was definatly cool. I pulled my employees in to check it out.
I'm Gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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