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Posted by JimGnitecki on 2008/6/23 19:48:24
TurboPackman: I am very new to this site, but already have seen that you know a LOT about Packards, engines, and more. Please keep the info coming.

I am trying to make my 1952 200 Deluxe into a reliable daily driver. I need advice o:

- HEI ignition

- Eliminating the "priming" of the carb after the car has sat

- Converting to 12 volt so I can add air conditioning (hey, I live in Texas, and 102 degrees without AC is no fun at all in your daily driver)

- A sensible approach to adding the required AC compressor drive

and much much more. PLEASE don't self-sensor just because some folks have different preferences than you do.

My "other" project is a 1955 Chevy pickup into which my buddy and I have transplanted a cammed 6 liter LQ9 from an Escalade, fiberglass leaf springs (cut the weight by 108 pounds AND lowered the truck by 4 inches), a Flaming River T-bucket steering box and custom-made Pitman arm, etc. When finished, it will be an under-3000 pound 1/2 ton pickup with 425 to 500 hp on tap (depends on how freeflowing an exhaust we can fit in there).

Jim G

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