Frame Swap

Posted by johntrhodes81 on 2012/9/20 21:06:04
I keep kick around the idea of a frame swap on a 51-54 body. I would keep the Packard engine, it just seems wrong to put something else in there.

Packard 51-54 Track:
Front 60"
Rear 61 7/32"
Wheelbase: 127" or 122"

My donor idea:
2006-2010 Ford Explorer/ Mercury Mountaineer
Front Track: 60.9"
Rear Track: 61.8"
Wheelbase: 113.7"

It will need to be lengthened but the width should work.

The frame swap gets you:
4 wheel independent suspension
4 wheel disc brakes
Rack and Pinion Steering
Better handling
Better Braking
Easy to find suspension parts

Just something I keep thinking about. Haven't heard of too many Packard frame swaps, especially if people are trying to keep it stock looking so people don't know what you did.


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