Re: Frame Swap

Posted by JeromeSolberg on 2021/9/8 12:02:21
I fail to see the logic in this. The existing Packard X-frame is very stout, has a nice front suspension with an anti-roll bar on some versions, you can add power steering if you wish, or front disc brakes via kits from Kanter and others. The rear suspension is a standard Hotchkiss drive, new leaf springs are available if you wish, or swap out the rear axle if you really want to, the proposed alternatives mostly have rear leaf springs as well so no improvement there.

On the standard frame you can fit a 700R4 or 4L60E instead of the Ultramatic, if you wish.

The only improvement one is really getting by doing the immense effort of a frame swap is ball joints instead of kingpins on the front. That is a lot of work for a very small (if any) benefit. All the parts to rebuild the existing front suspension are available from Kanter and others as well.

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