Heli-coil application(s)...

Posted by D-train On 2016/8/23 16:30:16

I figured that I would ask this here as the other (non-Packard) forums that I am a member of, just get ridiculous. ...and people are just smarter here.

I stripped out threads on a front wheel spindle. They are the threads for the caliper slider bolts. (only one of the two bolt holes stripped out. This is for a '97 Dodge Dakota. The brakes on this vehicle are a little strange and basically too small. I say this because for as long as I have had the vehicle (since new) the brakes ALWAYS wear unevenly. Meaning a single pad may wear more on one end then the other. Which to me means the caliper is twisting. This has even occurred with new calipers with new slider bolts and rubber bushings on them.

That all being said, would you trust a heli-coil in this application? I haven't installed one before. I have tapped new threads many times before tho. I planned on "practicing" on another piece of cast iron before installing the final one.

Any advice is welcome.



P.S. The bolt thread is 9mm x 1.25. To show how small they are.

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