Re: TH400 Tranny Behind Packard V8

Posted by Eric Boyle on 2007/5/30 16:57:48
Since I've seen the mod of adapting the TH400 and the TH700-R4 to the Packard V8, and how they do it, it's had me wondering... Why don't they do a manual version of the GM trans? Take an aluminum bellhousing from a GM, cut it like the 700R4 conversion, and weld on the Ultramatic flange to make a manual bellhousing that accepts a GM four speed trans? It wouldn't be so hard as converting to a 727, and ending up with the problems that I've read about. Manual bellhousings for Packard V8's are hard to come by, but Ultramatic bellhousings to convert to manual transmissions would be rather easy to come by. This might be a project for me down the road, after I put the T56 in the Patrician.

Mr. Pushbutton: Think you can make a pushbutton shifter for the T56???!!! LOL!

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