Re: TH400 Tranny Behind Packard V8

Posted by Joe Hall on 2007/5/31 18:22:16
The TH400 I installed was the "Ultra400" kit by Jack N. in Texas. All total, including a custom made driveshaft, it costed about the same as a rebuild would have been for the Ultramatic.

I also swapped an AMC 2.53 rear end under the car. With the TH400's 1st gear start it is still lower geared (higher numerically) than the OEM, which took off in 2nd gear, yet also has a highway gear.

I had not heard of the R700 kit, but am not suprised to hear one is now available. The TH400 is great, but had the R700 been available at the time, I would have chosen it. The TC lock-up, high gear OD, and lighter duty/less tax on engine would have been preferable.

As is though, it is a pleasure to drive and is trouble free.

Joe H

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