Re: TH400 Tranny Behind Packard V8

Posted by Mike T on 2008/1/14 14:17:31
Thanks for the info. I'll have to check out the Hawk site.

I've already been in contact with Mikes Transmissions in Reseda CA (about two weeks ago). And FYI, they are no longer able to do the 700R4 conversion. It sounded like it was a collaboration between three guys. The man who did the machining has passed away, and the other two are no longer on speaking terms. They did say they could maybe find someone else to do the machining, for around $3000 Plus, not including the cost of the donor trans. They did give me the name of another guy, but I've had no luck contacting him.

That may all change, but just to let you know what I encountered.

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