Re: Aftermarket Air Conditioning

Posted by HH56 on 2021/8/23 21:32:06
I am embarrassed to say I got fixated on 22-23 series and was not looking at things closely enough to see the car was not a 22-23 series. Fan blower, battery, PS, long tail on the air cleaner staring me in the face and I ignored them all. A declining and one track mind must be another sign of old age to go along with the bad knees and eyes.

I don't have any other photos of 22-23 cars. I know Joe has his car running on 12v so that part he might not help on. Other than that, Joe should be able to come up with some bracket suggestions. I did the two piece on my 47 but not really a fair comparison because my bracket is bolts and not welds. I tried to position the compressor like Packard did the prewar Clippers so mine is on the left and I did some funny stuff to keep the oil filter and horizontal vent tube.

I am concerned about how anyone with a 356 will do the drive belt . O_D confirmed the 22-23 series 356 does still have the wide fan belt so that is going to be an issue if a PS pulley cannot be mounted on the older 356 dampers. I believe the widest compressor groove available will be around 3/4 inch. One I bought for the 47 is part of Sanden's FLX7 series and made for heavy trucks. That one is 3/4 and I believe there was a similar size used in some the older flat head Ford engines with the dual water pumps so maybe those are available at OldAir or Vintage. I was lucky in that I bought the repro fan pulley for another car way back when and never used it so had it on the shelf.

The only 6 to 12v converters I know of capable of the current required for AC are large units so am sure you would know if one was present. They also need to be spec'd for motor and coil operation because the spike and heavy inductive load generated by motors starting and stopping can destroy a converter if it does not have added protection built in. If your AC has a fan or single blower wheel it is possible someone changed to a universal 6v heater motor. I don't know of any 6v motors with dual shafts made that would work with the typical 2 wheel modern under dash unit..

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