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Posted by HH56 On 2021/9/4 18:13:11
One other thing to be aware of if using a Sanden on a positive ground car is that they are generally expected to be used and may come wired for negative ground. Some but not all of the Sanden clutches have a built in protector diode to shunt back EMF generated by the collapsing magnetic field to ground so it does not damage any solid state electronic components in modern AC units.

If using a Sanden with a diode and positive ground, you can remove the diode and leave it out because there is nothing on a stock Packard that would be damaged. Because of polarity, it is not likely there could be any solid state components in any aftermarket AC you could use but if there could be any on the same power supply as the compressor then you would need to leave the diode but reverse the connections on the diode. Leaving it intact and having a positive ground will result in a direct short and at the least would blow the diode and a fuse or at the worst, damage the switch or thermostat controlling the clutch.

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