Re: Aftermarket Air Conditioning

Posted by HH56 On 2023/7/9 9:27:38
Not bad. Only downside to the speaker grill as an outlet -- unless there is another control of some type even more disguised and working louvers behind the dash, is possibly a lack of ability to direct airflow.

Another shoutout for commendable integration work would be to Joe W. and his 23rd series AC install.

I don't believe Joe used the speaker grill area as an outlet but he did do a beautiful job of adding other outlets to the dash to make them blend in and look more like they belonged. Since he is using a different radio setup, also did a great job of mounting the AC controls in the opening where the radio face would have been.

For anyone contemplating adding AC to their 22-23 series and interested in details of his work and items used, other photos of the install are available at Tinman_70's more complete project blog on the PAC forum.

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