Re: Aftermarket Air Conditioning

Posted by HH56 On 2023/7/9 19:03:31
Good video. Others have also mentioned using the 12v Sanden as is and they do apparently work OK -- particularly once the engine is running and generator is producing the normal charging 7+ volt output. I think Dwight has one in his 54 factory air car and there is at least one more aftermarket install in a Packard somewhere in Southern CalIf.

Do like the way he did the belt as the idler pulley takes care of a lot of issues when there is only the one long belt option. Downside is cars with wider belts like Packard sometimes used usually do not take very well to bending backwards on small diameter idlers. Not sure there would be room for a much larger one and anyone with a 356 and the thick 1" wide belt would probaby be out of luck. I expect those of us with that setup will need to find or make something like the special prewar fan pulley with the AC groove or figure out a second drive pulley groove somewhere else.

Do wish he had been more specific about the 6 to 12v inverter he used for the blower motor. Many of them specifically say for electronics only and not for use with motors or coils.

The old Nash seemed to move along quite well even though the engine sounded like it could use a valve adjust. I just hope his luck holds out when he blows thru the next stop sign like he did the one on the drive.

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