Re: Packard Engine to GM Auto Transmission Adapters

Posted by johntrhodes81 on 2021/5/23 18:42:13
The conversion is underway. As said previously the kit is for mounting a gm trans on a Packard. It doesn't include a linkage etc. You can use 700r4 2004r 4L60 or non overdrive th350 th400 or the electronic 4L60e 4L80e. I will be doing a 4L60e so nothing on connecting the TV cable here.

The Speedgems people are nice. Bob Bendtsen sold/retired. The new owner says there hasn't been many sales of the Packard kits so not sure how long they will stick around if non one is buying.

I am doing this in a car with the body and front clip on and the engine in place. The first step is getting the old trans out while supporting the engine.

I used angle iron and a wood block with bolts to support the engine with the trans out.

The trans is 292 pounds and there are 2 bolts on top which are easiest to remove by cutting 2 holes in the floor.

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