Re: Packard Engine to GM Auto Transmission Adapters

Posted by humanpotatohybrid on 2022/3/15 18:20:33
I would imagine that as long as the switches work "properly", i.e. have clean and springy contacts, that the signal would be clean enough. If not, then the best solution might be to use some microswitches IF they would physically work well.

You could also make some delay circuits using a relatively simple array of capacitors, resistors, and transistors/SSR's but this is likely overkill.

Just having like a 1mF capacitor bridged across + and - between the button and actuator would help filter the signal and would probably be good enough. If you are having only minor problems, or no problems but you worry that you might later, this would probably be the best solution.

Warning: capacitors will burst if you hook them up with reversed polarity.

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