245 mods

Posted by Wat_Tyler on 2021/4/1 20:11:40
Okay, so maybe my first go 'round with this new (to me) 1947 Clipper with the idea of shoehorning a 327 into it isn't quite going my way. More re-engineering will be required, it seems. Maybe this is a job for the other car, the one with cancer which will require a bunch more work anyway.

Obvious upgrade: brakes. Go is fun, but stop is mandatory.

My basic questions are as follows, and likely more will follow those.

1: I'm presuming that one can bore the block out another 1/16" to 3.5625. Is this a reasonable idea?

2: Has anyone ever tried to rework one of these crankshafts, or one like it (like a 327) by machining the rod journals down to big block Chevy size to gain a stroker crank? Thoughts?

3: Obviously a bit of porting and relieving, but what about a cam with a bit more lift and overlap, too?

4: And, of course, boost. Supercharging or turbocharging. Turbo might be easier, and an intake manifold would have to be fabricated (most likely) for the intake. And with all that out there, would it begin to make sense to look into an EFI system?

Out there? Maybe. Just trying to get the most ooomph that can be had from this old engine and create something one-off along the way.

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