Re: 245 mods

Posted by Wat_Tyler on 2021/4/2 4:51:14
Perhaps I was vague, or didn't include enough of my thinking. I'm thinking, probably 4500-4600 RPM as absolute top.

My winding of a long stroke engine theory comes from some experience with some of the original long stroke winders - Harley Davidsons. I have a (factory stage 4 kit) built 2020 engine with a 4.375 stroke, and it's never been over 4K. They say it'll turn 6200, but I just don't run my stuff that hard. I'm a zero-60 guy. Okay, zero-80. Cruising is nice, too. It's all about Getting There. Seems that an old car engine with good components should be capable of the better part of 5K. Think: nine mains on a big 8. But this is a 6 discussion.

Apparently, there is a good machine shop near here. Does old stuff. Flathead Fords and such. And apparently, they are very busy and very backed up on work. If I decide to use them as opposed to going to the closest Big City, I might get the block back in time to build it for Spring. Of 2022.

I guess that I need to take this thing to pieces and research what's available to do things like lighten and strengthen the rotating assembly and the like.

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