Re: Packard Mortality Statistic

Posted by Wat_Tyler On 2021/12/19 7:02:59
It seems that the last "performance" Packards were those large ones produced right after WW2, and it was downhill from there. Packard was late to the V8 party, too. So I fully understand and somewhat embrace the concept of applying some performance enhancements to our beloved old cars - at least the driver ones. But Hell, any fool can shoehorn a Shivverlay engine into damned near anything.

Disc brakes are a good idea for drivers, I think. When mom's minivan can do 60-0 in less than 200' and your pride-n-joy struggles to do it in 300', you have a serious safety issue.

I don't know, there's a lot to consider, and I am of several minds about it. I do think that prices on Packards will start to drop, perhaps precipitously, as the last folks who know what they are transition to the next dimension.

I was talking to my 34YO son about "classic cars," thinking '47 Super Clippers, and he was thinking '68 Road Runners. At least I raised him correctly and he wasn't thinking Chevelles or Torinos.

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