Re: Packard Mortality Statistic

Posted by Mr.Pushbutton  On 2021/12/20 9:04:26
To many people out in the automotive world, if a part isn't carried by their corner Chinamart "discount" auto parts store, it is simply unobtainable. Many also see any car without an LS swap as inherently broken and unfit for their attention. As far as brakes go, there is a brain-drain going on where a lot of younger people don't know how to properly set up drum brakes, so they want to spend a lot of time and money bringing the car over to what they already understand, which is disc brakes. A drum brake car, properly adjusted can lock the wheels up hard, the issue is with the amount of rubber touching the road surface for stopping. As one of the moderators of the PAC Facebook page we deal with this daily.


bear wrote:
Anyone under 40 gives you a blank stare when you say"its a Packard". I love these cars because even the less ornate and less expensive post war models exhibit exceptional quality and engineering.I do all my own work and enjoy working on these cars a great deal.

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