Re: Packard Mortality Statistic

Posted by Mr.Pushbutton  On 2021/12/20 12:40:56
If you're doing a lot of repeated, hard stops that means you're driving your Packard in busy, fast moving traffic. Like rush hour. These cars were not designed for this kind of driving. So you can change over to modern two-circuit (dual master cylinder) disc brakes. Congratulations, you can now stop your car repeatedly, like mom in her minivan or dad in his F-"I wish I was a trucker but I'm a software analyst". You are driving a deathtrap in modern congested conditions at speeds and traffic with potential for great bodily harm should an accident occur. No crumple zones, no air bags. A Packard is best enjoyed after rush hour, on roads well mated to its original maximum speed. Most of us have added seat belts to our vintage cars, and that's a step in the right direction, and far better than having none.


bkazmer wrote:
This is exactly my issue with disc brake conversions - they improve fade resistance and perhaps feel, but do not necessarily stop faster.

Done a lot of repeated hard stops in your Packard lately?

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