Re: Straight 8 Head Modifications

Posted by Peter Packard on 2009/7/8 5:03:44
G'day all, I have been through the mill with modifications to 327 Packards since the late 1960's and what works for me, currently fitted to my 1938 120, with R6 overdrive is:.......
1:...... Use a 288 head on the 327 as it has a combustion space of 109 cc Versus 137cc for the 327. It will raise the comp ratio from 8:1 to 8:5 to one without modification. I have also taken 100 thou from the 288 head and I am running close to 9:1 ratio. I am fortunate that a side valve has increased turbulance at the inlet valve and therefore a lower Octane requirement.
2:..... Bore the engine out to max. I have bored the 327 out 60 thou and it is close to 340 Cubic inch.
3:.... Fit a free flow carb and exhaust. I am running a Holley 600 and a 2.5 inch exhaust with a hot dog as the muffler.
It certainly is not the final word on grunt but it wants to wheelspin in second gear on a wet road like it is the final word.
Best Regards Peter Toet

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