Re: 37 with efiā€¦ yes please

Posted by Cli55er On 2022/4/26 23:10:13

Ozstatman wrote:
Careful Hank, before you now it you'll be upsetting the purists!

Apart from that, how is it going?

The car is 12v, has an alternator, universal wiring harness, aluminum radiator, etc etc. at this point I'm not worried about the purists. I drive this car and I rent it for weddings.

Wasn't really much wrong with the carb, other then a random vapor lock. I just wanted to see if I could make efi happen. I made it with my own hands. Nothing but a hack saw, grinder, welder, drill, my hands, my eyes, and will power. also a little blood.

here are a few more pics of it painted and installed. its not super pretty, but it works. now....just to hook it all up and see if it actually performs too.

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