Re: 37 with efi… yes please

Posted by Cli55er On 2022/5/26 22:39:11
Got it all squared away. Today was the maiden voyage of the first efi 37 Packard. All I can say is O….M….G….. this car has NEVER had this kinda power or pickup and go!!! My butt dyno says I gained 20hp.

Took the family for a ride and even they were blown away. It never bucked… never stalled… it just ran…

I regret nothing.. goodbye carb. Not even a need for a choke now. It just starts.

Only thing I need to figure out… and it’s not that big of a deal…. But the gas pedal only has enough travel to open the throttle body 70%. But honestly… it’s plenty of power as is…. And the wife clocked me at 75mph with the gps. Hit 4250 rpm. Temps… 192.

Mic drop.

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