Re: 37 with efi… yes please

Posted by Cli55er on 2022/5/27 0:25:49

Tobs wrote:
4250 RPM? Wow, that must be flyin'!
What kind of AFR numbers are you seeing at some normal operating points. Idle, cruise, wot?

I’ve hit 85 in her before…the 70% throttle is holding me back honestly…the efi just has a larger swing to go full open then the carb and thus the gas pedal as well….But really no need to go that fast in this type of car. It’s not a hot rod…3500rpm is 65mph. Plenty. If this was a coupe and I threw in the 4.23 gears I got sitting in the loft…. 100mph easy.

It always tries for 13.5 afr…. But it will go up or down if I floor it or let off when cruising. I see between 12 and 15 depending on what I’m doing…. But honestly at cruise it’s 13-13.5 on the dot. The fuel trim tries hard for 13.5. Idle stays at 700 rpm (or what I set it to in the software) and 13.5 afr. I’ll make some notes next time… I was just so giddy driving tonight I didn’t record it.

Should be a lot less fouling of plugs too. Not been an issue for me… but keeping that median afr helps.

Also to note… the efi is still learning and there are so many things I can adjust in the hand held unit. But initial run has been so spot on…. How can it get better?

I did reset the tripometer… so we will see what gas mileage I get… which will take forever cause I don’t drive it often.

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