Re: 37 with efiā€¦ yes please

Posted by Tobs on 2022/5/27 9:00:16
I am still impressed that you are revving that thing to 4k rpm! I know these engines are rated at max hp around 3600, so 4k does seem reasonable every once in a while, but I rarely go over 2500rpm. cool that you are driving it hard.
Sounds like the AFR is already quite good. max power should be around 12.5, so if you see that when stepping on it, that is great. And cruising at light throttle can be around 15, which it sounds like you already have. In the "Serviceman's Training Booklet Engine Daignostic and Tune Up" from July 1947 they actually write about target AFRs. It is good reading. The 13.5 is a very good middle number. Engine tuning with a wideband Oxygen sensor is a great way to get it running smooth, clean and fast.

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