Re: 37 with efiā€¦ yes please

Posted by HH56 On 2022/5/27 14:36:20
With that ratio, a good running engine, and the wide open state of Texas it kind of sounds like the next good project would be an OD.

Pick up a 48 or later R11 smaller engine trans/OD combo and see if flackmaster could set you up with a cane shift top so you could keep your current trans intact to sell or trade. Do the trans mod from column to cane shift as Peter Toet shows in his how to article.

If you have the governor OD can be made to run as normal with repro and off the shelf components but if not, run the OD with a toggle switch like one of the other fellows does in his pre 40 car. The rest of the install would be a relatively simple conversion -- probably less involved than the EFI.

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