Re: 37 with efiā€¦ yes please

Posted by Cli55er On 2022/7/30 12:34:29
alittle bit of an update.

I had an issue where the car would want to die and ramp up really lean when I would throw the clutch in and come to a stop. it would go up to 18:1 - 20:1 and sometimes not recover. this was an easy fix with adjusting the throttle blades at idle, which also helped with my WOT percentage. I am now getting 95% throttle blade opening when flooring it. car idles at 750 and i adjusted the AFR to 13.2 from 13.5. Now when i come to a stop it will go to 14.5-15ish and recover perfectly.

I have some more fine tuning to do with the inital amount of fuel it squirts when you first start the car. gotta find that sweet spot so i can get it to fire off a bit faster without cranking too much. and i might add a bit more timing in it to see how it handles.

but overall, its just still WAY better then i ever imagined. Gas gauge finally moved down to 3/4 tank so i know the sender is working... wont know how accurate until i run out of gas and see where the needle is, but hopefully i got it pretty concern is the pickup tube and where it lays inside the tank since i made it by hand.

I'll post a new video soon and one of it driving. I'll also post a pic of the temp of the adaptor when the car is running at and warmed up. i can put my hand on it and its cold to the touch.....Intake air temps hold at 104, but i bet they cool when it hits that adaptor....kinda like a single plane intake or carb spacer. really nice.

its been 107 in my shop lately....and the car idles at 189 degrees. that AFR really is helping the temps and maybe i can dial in that timing a bit more now as well.

since the computer on the EFI unit tells me much more about the car now...i noticed how much the incandescent bulbs were taxing the system (not to say it couldn't handle it) but i went to all LEDs and it barely dips the volts now (like 0.2 volts) and they are WAY brighter!

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