Re: 37 with efi… yes please

Posted by Cli55er On 2022/9/4 22:04:16
Efi is still running great! My fuel gauge is pretty darn accurate too. Not perfect, but way better then the old one. Went 140 miles and put in a little over 18 gallons which means alittle over 7mpg. But that includes ALOT of idle time and ALOT of flooring it just to feel the power it gave me. Also driving 70mph too. I also changed to 13:1 afr from 13:5. Seems to like that better when I’m slowing to a stop. Otherwise it tends to lean out and sometimes die. But has not done that yet at 13:1. Also 150% on cold crank must have been a fluke… I ended up at 400% and it never fails to start right off. Probably need to adjust that down to mid 300 though. But it def wants a nice fuel squirt for cold start… more then Holley thinks it should have anyways… they say max 200. Spark plugs are gapped more and timing is more then stock too though. Might have something to do with it.

Next tank… maybe 10 mpg. Idk. Not sure what factory mpg was. 8-10 I’m guessing. No clue. I’m slowing down to 55 mph on this next tank too.

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