Re: Leadsled custom with

Posted by HH56 On 2022/8/1 11:44:45
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or so someone has said at one time or another. That one looks like it could have taken inspiration from one of the rejected facelift proposals Dwight showed in his new book. The dual headlights might work but whatever is above them -- parking lights maybe?? -- and the paint scheme is a bit much. IMO, the parking lights would have worked and blended in better in one or maybe two grill squares just below the headlights.

On the Clipper style tail lights, I seem to remember in the 70s or 80s some discussion about them. No question it was a popular mod and there was even a lowrider or two locally that had the treatment. I think some hot rod place or maybe it was JC Whitney that made a copy of the basic design but it was not an exact repro to the Packard item. IIRC, the assemblies were a bit narrower or shorter and were made to fit some GM body such as 55 Chevy or other similar style a bit better. Think there was a mention in a Packard club or region newsletter that someone had tried to use them and because they were different they were not a direct bolt in fit.

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