Re: 1937 Super 8

Posted by Tim Cole On 2022/12/14 9:31:20
On the subject of insert rod bearings, one method that works is to rebuild the rod to use a modern insert bearing. This involves reworking the big end to do away with the babbitted collars by welding and then machining the rods for correct end play as is the modern practice.

Packard was using the collared bearings I assume because that was a carryover from the babbitt engines.

Another work around that I haven't heard being done for years was fitting a Chrysler slant six thrust main bearing insert into those rods.

These methods are expensive, but they work.

Years ago, I was sitting at the bar with John Cavalero and Walter Wary. We were chatting over booze. Johns says "All Packards run hot, the only Packard that doesn't is your car (Walter's low mileage 343), I can be boiling over, but you'll be driving away." John's car (840) was pulled out of swamp, so the block had corrosion loss. It ran and ran like that because John didn't beat on it, but there is a limit.

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