Re: Has anyone tried to install a modern transmission to a 1929 Packard engine

Posted by HH56 On 2022/11/2 8:51:44
As I recall, there was a poster who added a modern aftermarket standalone overdrive unit to his car made in that era. I don't remember details on the unit but maybe someone else will remember who it was and supply the into.

I believe the unit was mounted inline between the transmission and differential so it involved splitting the driveshaft and providing support for the unit. Most if not all the photos of the install were on his website or stored at a photo site rather than being posted on the forum but it was a very neat installation and seemed to do the job. Maybe worth considering something like that unless the synchro advantage is something that must be part of the package.

Unless the two transmission bolt patterns and overall sizes are the same I imagine the work to add the separate OD unit would not be too much more involved than it would be to adapt a different transmission to the bellhousing and fabricate new supports and driveshaft.

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