r-11 overdrive questions

Posted by DirkL On 2023/1/21 20:27:31
I am installing overdrive in my 1940 110 but am using a later model transmission with an R-11 on it. I have never seen an overdrive unit hooked up so I have a couple of stupid questions. First, does this overdrive need a lockout switch installed on it. It appears from what i've read, it is sort of an optional item. second is, how do I hook up my speedometer cable to this tranny. there is a hole on the tail of the transmission with a bolt hole next to it that appears to have a gear that possibly would drive a speedometer but I would need some sort of adaptor to bolt in that spot, then hook my cable to it. Is that how that works? And lastly, I've got the lever to hook the lockout cable to, but no way to hook the cable to it. Is there a fitting I can hook to the lever and if so, where could I get one. Thats it, some basic questions from a guy with a basic understanding about what I'm trying to get done. Thanks in advance for any help on this. Dirk

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