Re: ZIS 110

Posted by PackardV8 On 2008/7/27 22:31:40
I don't see much point in trying to compare FOREIGN Commercial MAIN BODY SECTIONS to domestic passenger car body sections. It's even more obscure than comparing domestic commercial to domestic passenger bodies. No conclusion can be drawn.

The "ambulance" strikes me more as a hearse. And with white wall tyres to-boot. Note the lack of any emergency appendages to the car like siren, lites or markings. Then there is is the odd bussel backed rear door. What? the patients feet are stuck under the lid??? If they were building special ambulance bodies a reasonable person mite think that they would have made it more square in the back instead of bussel backed. I doubt that it is an ambulance. Maybe doubled as an ambulance but proabbly primarily as a hearse or other type of carrrier. Also note what appears to be curtains in the sidewindows.

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