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Posted by Leeedy on 2021/3/9 18:56:58

Owen_Dyneto wrote:
I started this thread about 3-1/2 years ago when planning a cruise of the Baltic, I arranged during a port call in Stockholm to see a ZIS 110 in the process of restoration.

There has been some progress, here's a pictorial update, via pg. 1 of 4 in an article in a Swedish collector car publication. Some of the earlier pictures are in post #35. Owner is Johan Berg.

Okay. I have known Johan for several years and have also visited him in Stockholm. I rode in his 1955 Clipper hardtop, I've seen his other Packard and viewed his magnificent ZIS-110. Here is what it looked like on my last visit.

I have been keeping up with ZIS-110, ZIL-111 and GAZ-13 Chaika since the 1950s and I have a substantial collection of literature on these cars. I saved the 8 x 10 glossy photos taken in the 1950s when a ZIS-110 (owned by Trend, Inc.) was serviced at Earle C. Anthony Packard dealership in Los Angeles. I also saved many, many more. I have friends throughout Europe and Russia. And I had a good friend from Texas who was once a consultant to the Russian car industry. A very good connection to have.

Like the old guy (John Huston) said in the movie, "Chinatown"... "I've still got a few teeth left in my head and some friends back in town..."

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