ZIS 110

Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2008/6/7 17:41:31
I'd guess it's been at least 25 or 30 years since Packard aficionados learned that the Russian ZIS-110 was not made from Packard-supplied body dies or parts, yet they retain a keen interest for many of us. Though at distance they are a somewhat faithful copy from the A-pillars forward of the 1942 senior Packard, few if any parts are truly identical; the dashboard and motor are very Packard-like yet the rear end styling is clearly GM-inspired.

I thought you might enjoy a picture of the ZIS engine which I've copied from a recent issue of the Swedish publication ?Nostalgia?. Despite the obvious similarity, I'm told the engine block is about ? longer and thus such parts as blocks, cylinder heads, head gaskets, crankshafts, manifolds, camshafts, etc. do not interchange. Apparently deep-reach spark plugs were also used in the engine.

This engine is owed by a Mr. Johan Berg of Sweden who in addition to his 1937 Packard 120 convertible coupe and 1955 Clipper, owns two ZIS-110s, a limo and an ambulance. Thru the kindness of PAC National Director Ole Book of New Jersey, I'll have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Berg in Stockholm in a few weeks. Hopefully I'll learn what that odd item is on the engine right side above the oil pump, and will report back here in as much detail as I can about the ZIS and Mr. Berg's Packards.

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