Re: ZIS 110

Posted by PackardV8 On 2008/7/7 20:53:16
"None of the body panels interchange, for example the rear doors are about 5 inches thick at the bottom, perhaps so the same door can be ..."

But are the outer skins the same???

"The engine block is about 1 cm longer than the 356 Packard so the heads, manifolds, crankshaft, etc. will not interchange though ..."

1 cm is about 3/8 inch. Not significant. Only a moderate feasability argument against I'change at best. The only way to know for sure is have cylinder spaceing measurements and crank comparison. Will the head I'change???

" built from the close of World War II until the mid-50s"

The cars were built from WWII effort surplus. Mounds and airplane hangers full of parts and tooling is my guess. I was buying WWII cushman and Indian among other non-Packard related surplus as late as 1990. Still packed in cosmoline and UNtouched since 1943-45 era.

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