Re: ZIS-101 / 101a Sport / 102 / 101a / 102a / 103

Posted by PackardV8 On 2008/8/24 7:34:28
Passing comment:

The picture titled "journey.jpg" of poverty stricken people walking along a road was NOT unique to Russia during the early 1930's. That's the way it was here in the US during the 1930's too.
The problem is that most Americans are either too young to know about it or too old and stupid to remeber it or don't want to admit it or are one of the very very few that were not affected. I have many similar pictures taken right here in the US during the early 30's.

As for the frame construction of the car made out of (Curly) Beech wood. I will comment that CURLY Beech is extremely strong and weather resistant. Damned near impossible to split even with the best of hydraulic power splitters and very elastic. A similar wood is Cyprus sometimes called Iron wood. It is extremely hard. But no, i would not want a frame made of wood either.

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