Re: BARF and HIDEOUS! 1983 Packard

Posted by Owen_Dyneto on 2008/10/2 9:34:24
In 1978 Budd Bayliff introduced a line of Packard Bayliff sedans and coupes based on the then-current GM cars. He says a couple of hundred were built and as far as I know they were titled based on the underlying GM chassis. Bayliff then (1992) sold out his enterprise to Gullickson but retained the right to continue manufacturing his 1934 look-alike cars which at least are close-enough copies that some of the fiberglass panels interchange with the real thing.

For those with further interest, the latest issue of The Packard Cormorant (Summer 2008, #131) has an article on all the modern attempts to reintroduce a Packard-named vehicle.

Beauty is in the beholder's eye, but I'll add my vote to those that say the 80's GM-based Bayliff Packards's are butt-ugly.

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