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Posted by Guscha on 2015/5/21 16:56:50
On the surface it seemed mechanical feasible to set the ZIS body on the Dodge chassis. By rule of thumb both cars are huge and the Dodge frame was strong enough to shoulder the fat Russian. But don't start to measure.
Compared to a ZIS the Dodge is a dwarf. Take its 13 foot 11 inch or better the 15 foot of a Humvee or even the unending 18.5 foot length of a Chevrolet Suburban, but nobody of them will reach the majestic level of a ZIS-110 (236.2 inch). Next to a ZIS wheelbase of 148 inch, the Dodge wheelbase of 98 inch looks comperatively small.
For visualizing the difference I used a pic of the better known Humvee.

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