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Posted by HH56 On 2017/3/23 14:08:16
I had forgotten about this thread and fortuitous it was resurrected today. Just about to start another with a similar theme and ask a related question.

Was cleaning innards of my 47 radio and found some interesting color filters so checked them out in the operators sheet for the radio.

A question for anyone with one of these radios in good condition and functional would be if the tone color change is noticeable or just one of those things nice in theory but you have to really be looking for -- particularly in daytime.

Secondary to that is I found dark purple celluloid filters which appears similar to those used for the Flite-Glo dash lights used in 22-23 series. One is positioned in a slot on the dial support and appears to be feeding or maybe shading the dial pickup from the illumination bulb near the tone colors. Another is inside the slotted shell covering the bulb on the other side. That glo lite particular feature isn't mentioned as being part of the radio so the question about the dial would be any ideas why it would have a purple filters if the entire dial goes tone color as described in the literature or is the dial overall a purplish color in addition to the tone colors? Do the numerals and needle glow similar to the glowing instruments of 22-23 series?

If other radios were as dirty as this one and no one has noticed the colors that is understandable.

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