Re: ZIS-115

Posted by Dave Kenney on 2008/11/14 18:44:59
Guscha wrote:
A couple of superlatives

Yes Dave, the Mercedes 600. Thank you, right on cue. To me it is in the middle between a car and magic.

Dave I guess after so many years it's time to tell you a secret. Somewhere in the offered car lay a huge lump of gold (more than 13 pounds). Acc. Mike Covello: Standard Catalog of Imported Cars 1946-2002, Krause Publication, Iola 2002, ISBN 0-87341-605-8, page 533 the 600 Pullman (the most expansive version) was $ 24,000 (1965).

Guscha, Canadian dollar was worth about 90 cents US back then so maybe it was selling for $26500 and with tax maybe another $1500 so he rounded it off to $30K I suppose just to impress me! I wonder what kind of trade in I would have got for my 1952 Chrysler Windsor

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