Re: ZIS-115

Posted by HH56 on 2008/11/22 14:10:39
Somehow I can't see the heads of Soviet government during that time moving a lever a few dozen times to raise the window--opening it, maybe. More likely the driver or some low level aide would be delegated that task. Wonder if they ever said "Comrade, stop the car! I threw my cigarette out so I want one of you to come here and close the window."

There is a commentary in issue 52 of Hemmings Classic Car about the early ZIS and it being Buick copies. He mentions a new book on Soviet cars by British author/historian Andy Thompson. Commentator doesn't go into much detail on the book but unless I'm interpreting it wrong, I think he is advancing the myth of the Packard dies to Russia again for the postwar ZIS.

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