Re: The Last ZIL limousines - fascinating documentary

Posted by HH56 on 2016/4/3 10:36:17
It was depressing. I've never seen a factory situation but I can think even in the good days for that factory the lowliest worker here could watch it and maybe be glad they were not in reversed situations. Wonder what happened to the cars and if they ever made it to a parade.

One of the comments early in the clip regarding the Soviet rule or practice of no spare parts being made brings a question maybe Gusha could comment on. With the few ZILs that have hit the collector market since the breakup what are the hopeful restorers of those cars managing to do. Its not like there is an abundance of parts ZILs around. Being so much was hand made even a parts car might not help and I would imagine the skilled labor that built the cars from scratch is not that plentiful either. Of course, I guess it could be no different than restoring a rare Packard where none are left but at least on a Packard there are a few things shared.

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