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Posted by Guscha on 2011/1/31 0:22:18
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The sidecar outfit to the back side of the Packard is a fairly modern (1970 or later) Russian made Ural. Not sure but i believe the sidecar out fit near the front of the packard is either a British Panther or a maybe a Vellocette ca 1937-1948. Note the LEFT hung hack.

Keith, the Ural even is available today. That is the webpage of one of its several dealers. 1970 or later is correct. Much later. It already has indicators! But the brand name isn't correct. The bike to the right of the lion is a M72 Molotov, the father of the Urals. Please compare its exhaust or the inverse brake and coupling lever. The grandfather is the BMW R71.

M-72 pic #1

M-72 pic #2

That is the original BMW R71.

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